Advice to buy a horse

The horse is one of the most beautiful and complete animals we can find, but its acquisition is not an easy decision that should be taken lightly, so it is recommended to have someone with experience who advises on the purchase of horses, that can help you find the one that best suits your personality and that of other possible horsemen, as well as being the right one for what you want to do.
When it comes to buying a horse in the first place we must be clear about what kind of horse we want and how much we are willing to pay for it. Depending on your experience and level, as well as the expectations that you have in the equestrian world you will have to make your decisions. For example, it is not advisable for a beginner to have a pony, or a horse of a certain age with a lot of character, little mounted and that has acquired bad habits, since with a certain age it will be very difficult to correct it.
Asesoramiento en la compra de caballos

Where can you go to buy the horse?

  • Equestrian centers or clubs.
  • Breeders. Try to inform yourself of their reputation beforehand to see if it is more or less trustworthy.
  • Individuals. You must tread carefully since we do not know the reason why they want to get rid of their horse, although it is not a reason to distrust, since there are individuals who are forced by economic reasons, change of residence …. The best thing, in any case, is to make sure both the reasons for the sale and the opinion of the veterinarian.
  • Auctions. It is advisable to be accompanied by an expert because in these concentrations it is easy to get the wrong horse.
  • Horse veterinarians are also a very good option, given that, because of the nature of our work, we are related to people who sell horses and can advise who to turn to.

Asesoramiento en la compra de caballos
Once you have several selected, it is time to go have a look, it would be best to be accompanied by a veterinarian, who will be the one who recognizes those characteristics that we can go unnoticed and can give us the best advice on buying horses form Objective.
Other issues to consider:

  • The height: Ideally should be adapted to the height and / or weight of the rider. However, it does not represent a problem except in the case of very short or very tall people, who should limit their search further in this respect.
  • Age: It is very advisable, for children and adult beginners, and for people with little experience in general, to buy a horse from twelve years, and that is well tamed. Colts, even the quiet ones, are inexperienced and their reactions to new situations may be unpredictable.
  • Sex: For beginners it is usually advised to get castrated horses, rather than a stallion or a mare, for their greater reliability. However, many stallions and mares are easily manageable and give no greater problems than those derived from being especially careful during periods of seasons. To keep in mind that the stallion, unlike the mares, will never be able to let loose in the meadows with other horses.
  • The coat: Almost all of us are attracted more horses of a certain color. However, it must be taken into account that the market is governed by fashions that raises the price of horses of certain colored horses. At the time of choosing, we must evaluate the horse as a whole and compare, to know what we are overpaying for his coat, and if we are willing to take it.
  • The state of health of the horse, it is vital to choose well, whether the investment is for a sport horse or for a breeding mare, it is better to have the veterinarian specialized in horses, who will be the one who recognizes possible injuries or Diseases that are hidden.


Probably no seller in the world will inform you if a horse has had or has health problems, sometimes even if we ask directly, so the pre-purchase horse test is a wise investment that can avoid subsequent headaches and veterinary expenses that Can far exceed the cost of the exam.
Some tips we give you:

  • Do not rush to choose, go and see all the horses that can meet the conditions that interest you.
  • Buy professionals from the world of riding always gives you more guarantees when you can have a problem with the horse you can sometimes change horse, and be careful with the auctions.
  • Always perform a veterinary review, vet check, , and ask any questions you may have.
  • Always make a contract.
  • Go and see the horse that interests you as many times as you need and mount it several times before buying it.
  • Attempt to reflect a prudential test period in the contract.
  • Always request the documentation of the horse and verify that it matches the specimen.

Let yourself always be advised by professionals in advising on the purchase of horses. This way you do not risk as much.

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