infiltration of stem cells in the tenndon

Infiltration of stem cells in the tenndon

Mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in the bone marrow. These cells have the potential for an unlimited capacity for cell reproduction and differentiation in response to their local environment.
The goal of the introduction of stem cells into a joint, muscle, ligament or tendon injury is to provide a source of cells capable of differentiating into cells similar to those in the environment and thereby promote tissue recovery.

Mesenchymal stem cells are used with great success by horse vet to treat digital flexor tendon injuries of superficial and deep suspensory ligament injuries and lesions of the sesamoid ligament, joint injuries, etc.




Stem cell therapy in horses

According to the process of cell division, the degree of “differentiation” of the cells is lower, this leads to different types of stem cells with wide possibilities of applications in regenerative medicine in horses.

We have immediate availability of stem cells, which allows us to have the correct stem cells at any time. This allows us to treat your horse immediately and we do not waste valuable time.


Stem cells heterologous  

This type of mesenchymal cells are the most practical and revolutionary. They are related to allogeneic blood and come from a donor horse, which are induced by specialized tenogenic characteristics for the regeneration of different tissues.

Some of the advantages of these stem cells is that the treatment can be started from the first day immediately. It has also been shown to produce a significant decrease in inflammatory mediators.

The results of these new techniques in human and equine athletes have proven to be spectacular.

Horses after one of these processes are subjected to a carefully controlled and specific by horse vet for each case rehabilitation program.

Feel free to contact SPORT HORSES VET if you are interested in stem cell therapy as a treatment option for your horse.

We are pleased to inform you of both the associated costs and whether it is an appropriate treatment for your horse.

Stem cell therapy in horses


 Stem cells mesenchymal cord 

These cells are accepted from the umbilical cord of newborn foals. These Stem Cells  are dedicated to a later use at the moment that is required for the same donor horse or for another allogenic horse.

Stem cell therapy in horses