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Vetting Horses – Horses Vet Check

Horse vetting is one of the most important step once we have made our mind and chosen one horse when buying a horse. Assessing the new horse through this horse vet check will determine the success of the operation.


Why are so important vet checks when purchasing a horse?

Horse vetting consists of a full body horse vet check in order to give the purchaser a fair opinion of concerning the horse suitability for his purpose. As each horse varies greatly, each of them must be evaluated impartially according the intended purpose of the owner.

Get a clinical evaluation before buying a horse will make you more comfortable with the final decision and allow you to minimize risks of a not suitable purchase, as a wrong decision in this point can be highly costly.

Vetting horses belgium

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What the horse vetting consist of?

The horse vetting consists of a conscientious process through which the horse vet will determine the health status of the chosen horse along different stages. Our mobile horse vet, which is fully equipped, will move to the place the horse is to start the evaluation.



The horse vet checkup begins with an interview to know the intentions of the horse buyer.


Clinical vet check

Once we know the purpose, a clinical vet check stage in which we assess mainly the health state of the start take place. Our clinic is fully equipped to make all the required tests which allow us to issue an accurate clinical vet check.

We will put special emphasis in get the medical history of the horse to analyze the past injuries and illness and any other interesting data.

Each horse vet check includes full clinical exam, full lameness evaluation, conformation analysis, respiratory examination, horse endoscopy, horse radiography, ultrasound examination of ligaments and tendons, laboratory blood tests (full equine profile, blood test drugs, specific analysis of the disease) ophthalmic review, oral examination, digital electrocardiogram in horses, among others aside from all the analysis that the vet deems appropriate according the new owner aim.

The horse vet check carried out by Sport Horses Vet has a standardized method of the findings found. This test is recognized by the government, horse insurance companies, studbooks and the association of specialized veterinarians. This set of points gives the horse vetting seriousness and remarkable confidence, which will provide the prospective buyer with a conclusive idea of ​​the future sports of the horse chosen to be purchased.

Horse pre purchase exam


Once the horse vetting process has been completed, an evaluation is issued by the sport horses vet and explained carefully to the interested buyer who gets a complete written report. In this meeting specific suggestions and observations made by the owner as well as the suitability of the horse for the intended purpose will be specially discussed, including all the tests required.


How much a horse pre purchase vet exam cost?

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