In Sport Horses Vet we are veterinarians of horses specialized in equine sports medicine at the highest level. We are a team of veterinarians who work around the world as a joint network, all of whom are experts in orthopedics and sports medicine for horses.

Is our passion and is where we focus all our efforts. Through the service of sports medicine we attend to horses that undergo a great physical effort, we put a final goal to your horse to participate in competitions taking full advantage of your horse’s performance.

Horse Vet Belgium

Horse Vet Belgium

We provide a full-service veterinary horse taking into account all veterinary aspects of the competition:


  • Final diagnosis of lameness and counseling for the care of orthopedic injuries related to sports.


  • Define the cause of orthopedic injuries in horses to establish the
    better treatment and how to formulate a preventive treatment.


  • Diagnosis and treatment in horses with low performance through a specific analysis for each case of study in particular; the possible causes, such as the apparent lameness, the analysis of the biomechanics of locomotion, the liver, the heart, pulmonary or hematological problems.


  • Formulation and adaptation of new training programs based on each horse in particular.


We, as veterinarians, recognize the importance of 100% recovery of your horse before resuming exercise or training, creating guidelines for constant monitoring, nutrition programs and specific rehabilitation programs for each horse.


Use drugs that are no ban great with great success tested on a global level of last generation and with innovative treatment techniques. We also develop techniques of processing and application as regenerative medicine with very good results such as therapies with growth factors (PRP) and stem cells among other techniques we offer.





After many trips and having worked in important equine centers of the world, many doors have been opened at the same time that it has allowed us to strengthen ties with many friendly colleagues in different countries with whom I continue to collaborate and in close professional contact with different professionals. At world level this helps us to be constantly updated in this globalized world.
The constant training helps us to be up-to-date with the new techniques and this, together with our resources, helps us to choose the most appropriate protocol when precise diagnoses are made and a specific treatment is required at the same time as fectivo.


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