Regenerative Joint Therapies in horses

Degenerative joint disease is a major cause of poor performance and reduced life expectancy in competitive sport horse. In Sport Horses vet see that both young horses as adults can be affected causing a loss of athletic ability and his early removal.

The joint disease / osteoarthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joint with the corresponding production of a large amount of inflammatory enzymes. Often, the process is characterized by inflammation of the synovial membrane, followed by the progressive destruction of articular cartilage. The development of this disease often goes unnoticed due to the occurrence of lameness may be mild

Regenerative Joint Therapies in horses.

With effective intra-articular treatment designed to stimulate own white blood cells produce horse and anti-inflammatory mediators and enzymes that can reduce inflammation due to degenerative joint disease.

The therapy consists of a single injection.
This procedure is NOT doping.

Regenerative Joint Therapies in horses

Our therapies are different from other products because it is the cause of joint disease and its action is directed to the restoration of the lining of the joint and cartilage function. In our experience as horse vets we have witnessed the resolution of lameness, an overall improvement in the range of joint motion and decreased joint effusion in treated horses.

In general, it is a tool that we have for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases.

Regenerative Joint Therapies in horses