The dressage horse requires thorough monitoring and care. And the injuries are common given the requirement of sports practice, so an expert dressage horses veterinarian has to be part of your team.
The high intensity of the competition, together with the high frequency and prolongation of the training, results in equine injuries, especially in cases where there is no supervision, treatments and recommendations of a veterinarian of dressage horses.

Sport Horses Vet, specialists in equine sports medicine

Dressage Horse Veterinarian

We have specialized in equine sports medicine. Dr. Marcos Würschmidt has extensive experience in this field of equine veterinary medicine

Diagnosis of Injuries

Diagnosis of Injuries

Diagnosis and management of orthopedic injuries related to the practice of sport and, specifically, for dressage horses.

Horses treatment


Treatment for horses with low performance and for the prevention of injuries.

Training Program

Training Program

Design and follow up of training programs for dressage horses according to each horse in particular and based on their physical state.

The most common injuries in dressage horses

Among the most common injuries in dressage horses are:

  • Desmitis the suspensory ligament
  • Osteoarthrosis of the joint of the fetlock
  • Skeletal injuries
  • Injuries to the back.
  • Cracks, fractures and wounds

Many of these injuries, because they may be of multifactorial origin, require a thorough study to determine the cause, treatment, and follow-up that the veterinary service of dressage horses of SERVEQ will establish.
The international presence of SPORT HORSES VET together with its commitment to the most advanced techniques such as Regenerative Medicine, among which are the application of therapies with growth factors (PRP), stem cells and joint disease therapies with IRAP.


We work in South area of Holland and north of Belgium.  Mobile Veterinary service.