When you want to buy a new horse it is a time of great expectations. Through the horse pre purchase exam we make sure that you are well advised when buying your horse.


Horse Vetting

Horse Vetting

We can do a vet check  in yuor future new horse from nose to tail …!In our mobile service is specialized in Sport Horses, each test prior to buying or selling horses will aim to specifically determine the health status of each horse at the time of said examination.
At Sport Horse Vet we do a “risk analysis” to determine the horse’s ability to perform and maintain a specific activity in the sport such as a show horse or dressage horse.

Each horse pre purchase exam will begin with a full clinical exam, full lameness evaluation, conformation analysis, respiratory examination, horse endoscopy, horse radiography, ultrasound examination of ligaments and tendons, laboratory blood tests (full equine profile, blood test drugs, specific analysis of the disease) ophthalmic review, oral examination, digital electrocardiogram in horses.

This horse pre purchase examination, which we do at Sport Horses Vet, is carried out in different stages. Methodically so that we can overcome the different stages to move on to the next.



In summary, the different stages of our method are:

It is the beginning of the pre purchase exam of the horse, it consists of an interview with the buyer to understand the need of the future buyer. What are the expectations that the client wants from the future athlete and partner?


Complete clinical examination:
Complete physical examination, once this is done, carry out an evaluation and discussion with the client, to continue with the next phase of the examination.

High quality images will be obtained given our experience and to work with high resolution portable equipment.
Additional diagnostics:
In some occasions and things that appear in a pre purchase exam, we need more complementary diagnoses to evaluate them, such as an ultrasound examination in the tendons or an endoscopic examination of the upper respiratory tract, etc.


Horses prepurchase exam

Horses Pre Purchase Exam – radiographs and ultrasound in horses

In conclusions;
Once the horse pre purchase  exam has come to a full evaluation, we will sit down with the client and report our findings. Clients found a written report of the findings.

The pre-purchase test carried out by Sport Horses Vet has a standardized method of the findings found. With the advantages of this test it is recognized by the government, horse insurance companies, studbooks and the association of specialized veterinarians. This set of points gives the Sport Horse Vet pre-purchase examination seriousness and remarkable confidence, which will provide the prospective buyer with a conclusive idea of ​​the future sports of the horse chosen to be purchased.

Specific observations and suggestions made by the potential future owner will be treated with special attention, stories such as; specific tests for infectious diseases and / or drug compounds in the blood, equine endoscopy, ultrasound examinations of horses, ophthalmological tests, specifications and additional reproductive tests that are usually recommended by our horse veterinarians or requested by future owners.

Horses Prepurchase Exam - Clinical Examination

Horses Prepurchase Exam – Clinical Examination


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