Regenerative Therapies in Horses

Regenerative Medicine in Horses

In general we can say that the body repairs its damage through healing or regeneration.

 The obtained scar is not a functional tissue. Regeneration is the process for optimal repair tissue produces a rather similar in structure and function to the original tissue injury.

The Tissue Engineering, also known as therapies in horses or cell therapy in horses is the branch of bioengineering which uses a combination of cells, engineering materials methods, biochemistry to improve biological functions.


Regenerative Medicine in HorsesThis is a real revolution in modern medicine because it allows us to recover its previous mechanical function of articular tissues, ligament, tendons, etc..

The regeneration in horses of injured tissues using stem cells in horses or platelet derived has overturned conventional medicine known so far since in many cases treatment with traditional medicine was the end of the sporting life of many horses.

Although equine sports performance ( jumping, polo,  racing, dressage, etc) are the largest customers of our service is important to know that these techniques Regenerative Medicine in horses can be applied in all kinds of equines.

Regenerative Medicine in Horses

Regenerative Medicine in Horses