Tips for buying a horse

Are you thinking of buying a horse? To help you with this choice, we bring you a collection of tips for buying a horse that will help you choose which horse you want according to your needs.
In the first place, and if you are still doubtful, you should know that having a horse carries a great responsibility besides requiring for your part a great economic and time effort, as all animals need a care, attention and, in this case, By its dimensions, a good place to be. If you have already thought about all this and are determined, you have to get going.
Where should you start?
The choice of the horse is a decision that should not be taken lightly and the rush is not good counselors. So, take your time and if you like to see it as many times as you need, fix it and if you really think it’s yours, ask for a horse prepurchase exam. It can save you many problems and headaches later.

Examen precompra equino

A fundamental aspect is to choose an expert veterinarian who gives an assessment about the state of the horse

What do you need?
A very important question that you have to ask yourself and respond with the most sincerity based on your level, experience and the expectations that you have is what you need. It is not the same thing that you are going to take the horse for a walk every day to do it only once a month. We would all like to have the best horse, be healthy, tough and noble, but you have to be realistic in the search.
Another tip that can come very well before you begin is to make a list with all the features required by the horse you are looking for according to the activity you are going to perform with it. If, for example, you are starting to ride, a horse with a lot of character or little riding is not advisable. If you do not plan to raise horses we recommend that you be neutered since they usually give less problems. As for age, the best is from 7 to 12 years already tamed because at this stage has all its faculties in perfect condition. Sort them from highest to lowest preference and identify which of them you would be willing to overlook as well as decide the maximum budget you want to spend.
Once you have chosen the horse and your trusted veterinarian has examined it and given the approval, it is very important to formalize a sales contract to avoid future conflicts and misinterpretations.
Good luck!
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