Early diagnosis with ultrasound for acute synovitis in sport horses.

Acute synovitis is an inflammation that comes on suddenly in a joint, often in the fetlock, coffin or hock. These joints are enclosed in a soft tissue capsule. The lining of the capsule (synovial membrane) produces a thick fluid that lubricates the joint.

 Ultrasound Horses

Joint Ultrasound in Horses

Stress in the joint can trigger inflammation in the lining and capsule, causing the fluid to become watery and collect.

Repeated joint stress can trigger a destructive chain of events leading to osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease)

Some signs of these diseases manifest pain or stiffness, especially at the beginning of work. In mild cases, he may appear less fluid or less advanced in his steps. You may find heat, pain, and swelling caused by inflammation in the joint.

We identify the problem with a complete physical examination. X-rays can rule out bone and cartilage damage. But above all, our best tool for early diagnosis of arthritis in sports horses is the joint ultrasound in horses done in time before this disease develops and progresses as

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