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Back pain is associated with “KISSING SPINE” on a sport horse

Back pain in horses belgium

Frequent signs of this disease are found in daily practice by Sport Horses Vet

_ Annoyances when putting the girth on.

_ Sinking in the back during brushing or when being saddled.

_ Tend to jump flat or to pull away.

_ Tendency to deviate in the air during the jump.

_ Moves restlessly as about to be mounted.

_ Wanting to run or stay still and not want to move forward when riding.Back pain in horses - horse vet belgium

_ Tense while riding.

_ Resistance to use the back and connect.

_ Difficulty to lift the neck.

_ Constant deviation of the jump to the side.

Back pain in horses - horse vet belgiumBack pain in horses - horses vet belgium KISSING SPINE IN HORSES - horse vet belgium

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