Degenerative Joint Disease in the Shoulder of the Horses

Degenerative Joint Disease in shoulder, often referred to as “osteoarthritis”, is cause of lameness in performance horses. Most equine training strategies involve the prevention and/or maintenance of some form of joint disease. Lack of performance as a result of joint disease often precedes overt lameness and/or radiographic changes.

Clinical signs

Acute, severe lameness of the shoulder region may be associated with a fall or crashing into a solid object. The horse will shift weight to the opposite limb and will often stand with the carpus slightly flexed.
In motion, the horse may have an earlier phase shortened to the stride, especially if the biceps tendon or bicipital bursa is affected.
Osteoarthritis in shoulder usually a mild but progressive lameness.

causes joint inflammation

The shoulder Joint inflammation is a consequence of joint injury and/or instability. Instability can occur as a result of compromise of the supporting structures of the joint (such as the collateral ligaments), loss of articular cartilage (as may occur in osteochondrosis), overuse, and/or increased age.

Localized Treatment Joint

In Sport Horse Vet we do a localized treatment to eliminating excess synovial fluid, inflammation within the fibrous capsule, and inflammation within the supporting ligaments will usually produce a comfortable joint.

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