The best breeds of jumping horses

Jump is a type of competition in which the horse has to overcome a number of obstacles in the shortest possible time and without making mistakes, but do you know what the best breeds of jumping horses?
Horses are animals that have developed great speed, agility and endurance in addition to being noble. This is why they are very fit to practice sports in general, being the qualities of some races especially appropriate for equestrian jumping competitions.
These are five of the best breeds of jumping horses

1.Warmblood Hannoverian

The Hanoverian horse is warmblooded. They are horses of European origin that are dominating the world panorama of the equestrian competitions. The Hannoveriano is one of the most popular warmblood races in the world with a pleasant temperament, docile and with athletic, elastic and rhythmic air that make it ideal for this type of activities. It has an elevation of between 1.60 and 1.70m with a medium-sized and light head, but imposing and elegant, as well as a medium and very strong back.

2.Warmblood KWPN or Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood just have to see it to see the class and the elegance that distinguishes them but also have a great temperament and lightness. As for their physical appearance, they are medium-sized horses (1.60 m high) with muscular and arched neck, prominent cross and very powerful hindquarters.

3. Warmblood Holsteiner

Warmblood Holsteiner
The Holsteiner are a breed of horse native to Germany considered one of the oldest breeds of warm blood (Warmblood). These horses have a small head, arched neck and very powerful hindquarters with a back and strong back. Its elevation measures 1.73 m in height and they show an athletic and with much expression that gives an ideal gifts for the sport of jumping of obstacles.

4. Belgian Warmblood

Warmblood Belga
The Belgian warmblood is a new race of jumping horses that was developed for performance purposes in equestrian competitions. He is of kind and willful temperament. As for its physical form, it has the attractive and muscular head, the back and the joints are strong and the chest broad, with an elevation of 1.73m.

5. Warmblood Oldenburg

Warmblood Oldenburg
The Oldenburg is a native horse from the northwestern corner of Lower Saxony with excellent jumping skills. It has a fine and noble head, a strong back, muscular legs and long with well shaped hooves and a height of 1.78 m.
Knowing how to choose the jumping horse race is the beginning. Its physical, nutritional and health preparation must be in accordance with the breed and the type of competition for which it is being prepared. Therefore, it is always advisable to have an expert Jumping Horse Vet and equine sports medicine to guide you throughout the entire process of preparation and recovery.

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