Arthritis in horses

Arthritis in horses is a disease that can affect them just as it does in humans by influencing their physical activity and performance. If at any moment you notice that your horse does not move with the same fluidity or that when moving begins to limping slightly we could be facing a case of it.
First of all, it should be noted that the joints appear as protagonists in the vast majority of cases of diseases in horses / osteoarthritis since they are complex structures that undergo great pressure. This set allows the mobility of the horse with mobility, so that any alteration in it will lead to greater or lesser joint inflammation.

How does it affect them? How to detect it?

Stress in this area during daily use or repeated joint injuries, training or participation in competitions causes damage to the tissues surrounding the joint. Generally, they will manifest in the form of a limp, although it does not always manifest itself at this point since it may be that it limps when the injury worsens causing it to swell and also gives rise to more heat. If the injury is not treated and repeated, this damage may continue to progress to stronger arthritis that triggers a limp caused by a degenerative joint disease called osteoarthritis.
In any case it is difficult to determine the severity of a limp, it is very important that any indication or doubt about the condition of your horse and its joints is reviewed by a veterinarian specializing in equine sports medicine, having to perform different tests such as radiographic examination , Ultrasound examination, MRI, and / or arthroscopy.

What treatments are there?

Para tratar este tipo de enfermedad degenerativa articular existen diferentes tratamientos que se suministraran dependiendo de la naturaleza y la gravedad del proceso en el que se encuentre. Podemos encontrarnos tratamientos como terapias de enfermedad articular en caballos con IRAP especialmente indicado para reducir la inflamación o la infiltración local de plasma autólogo rico en factores de crecimiento plaquetarios utilizada para acelerar la curación de las lesiones musculares y articulares.
To treat this type of degenerative joint disease there are different treatments that will be provided depending on the nature and severity of the process in which you are. We may find treatments such as joint disease therapies in horses with IRAP especially indicated to reduce inflammation or local infiltration of autologous plasma rich in platelet growth factors used to accelerate the healing of muscle and joint injuries.

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