Horse legal documents

When buying a horse, there are many requirements that we must meet, both legal and relative to its maintenance and care. Today we are going to talk about the documentation to have a horse, in can in many situations be confusing. Depending on where you are based, municipal ordinances and if the Horse participates in equine competitions.

  • Microchip. It is mandatory in all Autonomous Communities, and mandatory to obtain the FEI Passport and FEI Registration for international competitions.
  • Passport in which the data of your microchip and the data of its current owner are included.
  • Insurance.
  • Vaccine card.
  • Letter or green card. You must carry it in all the movements of the horse. It mentions the date and place of birth of the horse, genealogical line and other sanitary and administrative data.
  • Owners card. Title in which the owner of the horse is indicated.
  • Equine Health Card. Collect Vaccination Card and Green Card

In case of competitions:

  • Horse Identification Book or DIE in force with the Sports Validation Card
  • National license in force for national competitions
  • FEI Passport and FEI Registration for International Competitions

In any case, before acquiring a horse it is advisable to contact a veterinarian of horses to perform a vet check of horses with which you will clarify all your doubts. And do not forget that you can contact us without obligation if you need more information.

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